Rent / Hire mobile, clear sided baby bassinetts as used in maternity hospitals. Adelaide, South Australia.
Rental of mobile, clear sided baby bassinets as used in maternity hospitals around Australia.

Lease a baby bassinet, Adelaide, South Australia.

Baby bassinet hire

Cocoon Hire specialise in the rental of mobile, clear sided baby bassinets as used in maternity hospitals around Australia. Our bassinets are an affordable, easy to use and safe sleeping arrangement for your newborn baby.

At Cocoon Hire, we offer convenient hire terms at great prices. Don't buy a bassinet that you will only use for a couple of months Ė hire one!

Free delivery

We know how busy new parents are so we offer free delivery and pick up of the bassinet in the Adelaide metropolitan area. Simply book in your delivery date and we will make sure your bassinet is ready for when you bring baby home.

Clear sided bassinets

The clear sides of the bassinet allow your baby to be easily seen at all times - even at night without getting out of bed. The sturdy plastic design and construction ensures the bassinet is safe, hygienic and easy to clean. The bassinet's mattress and essential storage compartments are included.

The convenient height of the bassinet helps to avoid back and abdominal strain, especially after a caesarean birth. Plus the bassinet ends are able to be elevated, great for reflux babies.

Bassinet mobility

The mobility of the bassinet provides peace of mind for new parents. You can have your baby near you at all times around the house. The large wheels and easy to use brakes allow the bassinet to move easily and safely over all floor surfaces. The wheels also allow you to gently rock baby to sleep.

It's a bath and change table too!

Our bassinets are multi-purpose. They can be used as a bassinet, bath and change table, saving you both money and space. The bassinet makes a safe change table as your baby canít roll off. Plus being mobile, the bassinet can be easily used as a bath by moving it to a tap to fill.

Hire don't buy

For more information or to hire a bassinet, see our FAQs or contact us today.

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